I do believe that almost all of us have been vaccinated for most of the known diseases….. but most do not know what is vaccine and how it works…..

vaccines are not medicines as some people seem to believe… in actual fact vaccines are real germs or viruses…. usually newborn babies are being vaccinated numerous types of vaccines or germs..doctors very well do know  that a new-born baby’s body is able to produce the needed antibodies to counter the germs injected…. the immune system of the baby is very powerful that it can fend off nearly all known diseases…..

as we age…. the immune system or the ability to produce the antibodies slows down…. the same vaccine which is injected into a baby , may kill an adult……

So the question now is  why is ability to produce antibodies is drastically very low.?

Most of us will drink only filtered, boiled water, and we will not let our child drink just plain water …. we feel that the water is unsafe  ….for human consumption

Safe water :  Odourless, colourless, without any taste, except the taste  trace minerals

when germs and virus are directly  injected into the human body as vaccines , the body produces the needed antibody…. then why are we afraid to drink plain unboiled water which may contain some germs…. ( our body will be trained to be immune to the germs…)By drinking boiled water we not only kill the germs but also eliminate all the trace minerals, which are needed by our bodies to produce antibodies…

I am advocating that we should drink just treated fresh water….. but in the event of emergencies ,like floods and the like where water can be seriously contaminated …do boil and drink….

by drinking just plain water we are increasing the ability of our immune system….


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Today is your opportunity to choose success...Your chance to choose personal freedom. Your chance to choose to take control over your life.your health , wealth , culturally and socially I am 55 , with some formal education at university.That formal education is of minimal value to me , i speak, read and write three languages , Tamil, English, Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia..Now...I came across an invaluable knowledge.......which is rarely found by humanity...........and wish to share this knowledge, with anyone who may be interested...........i have solutions to many of your problems in life.........
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