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Below is the message conversation between Mr Will Vega and myself

Will Vega

  • Please tell me if you know the cure for diabetes, I have type 2. 40 yrs old and 195lbs. I appreciate your knowledge

Kamarul Jaman

  • i will give you 2 technics out of 16 , just follow this two will be enough, if you need more info let me know 1) Do not drink any water or other liquids 20 minutes B4 meals, do not drink water during meals, Do not drink any water or liquids after meals for 20 minutes, 2)CHEW , CHEW all foods …. you may eat anything as you like, chewing until all the food is a semi solid….the secret is chew to bring out as much possible .. close your mouth when chewing… The pancreas produces the equivalent amount of insulin to SALIVA

Kamarul Jaman

  • Eat only when you are HUNGRY .after 12 meals(4 days) using the above method you will feel the difference …and diabetic is NO more

  • you may call me or text msg me at +60122******

  • It is not the food we eat is the problem it is HOW we eat…. if you need more info how i have come up with this method . i will explain in detail…. and for nearly all; incurable disease . like hyper tension, kidney failure, diabetic, and nearly all disease that seems INCURABLE by the so called modern medicine

Will Vega

  • I’ll try it can you tell me the other 14 just so i can try it. Why would I not want to drink anything. I also have hypertension and follocolitis on my neck which the dermatologist says is there 4 ever and gave me cream and pills. I’m more concerned about my diabetes

  • Are you a doctor? I’m wondering how you know this stuff. Why is this info not available in the USA

  • All I hear is diet is #1 reason you get diabetes, blood sugar from carbohydrates and sugars

  • I want to know how you came up with this method in detail so I cab become a smarter more informed person

Kamarul Jaman

  • Yes i will write to you in details……. I am not a doctor, just simply try do this method of eating (eat whatsoever you WISH )simply mix the food with your saliva in your mouth…..this will cure your diabetic and hyper tension

Will Vega

  • I have really bad diabetes like 200-300 daily and can’t control it no matter what I do and do not want to take insulin

  • 200-300 blood sugar readings

Kamarul Jaman

  • we must first what causes disease… only then we can find a CURE . all diseases are caused by the Quality of Blood in us . Our blood has thousands of minerals and vitamins …enzymes and many more … when all these are in the correct proportion our blood is able to REJUVENATE our organs…. human do have the capacity to rejuvenate or create new cells (we are creating new cells every moment) there is growth, of hair skin. nails which we notice… note that all of organs . lungs, pancreas, kidney stomach , change their cell according to some fixed time… the stomach cells rejuvenate in 36 hours, the WBC in 13 days, RBC in 120 days . liver in one year….. when we supply the necessary minerals vitamins enzymes (minerals vitamins and all other essentials for blood is absorbed NOT in the stomach by below the tongue…. when we chew the food ,absorption takes place below the tongue…..ALLOW the absorption then we are allowing the body to rejuvenate…

    Also the insulin secretion by the pancreas is proportional to saliva production…. so your diabetis will be no more ….

Will Vega

  • Do you know any bad diabetics with bad hypertension this worked for?

  • I’ll try it for sure. Should I take any supplements? I’m currently taking cinnergy and cardioFX and am pm pills from Shane ellison ( thepeoplrschemist)

  • Kamarul Jaman

    • what i wish for now is for you to cure yourself of diabetic and hypertension…… follow the above method cure yourself first then we will go into details…….dont worry what type of diabetis you are… curing is only our mission……just to diagnose and to say ” “modern medicine has no CURE but can only CONTROL is the work of the pharmaceutical industry” dont believe them” for every disease there is a CURE”

  • Will Vega

    • How long should I do this and once it’s gone will it come back? Are you sure I can eat anything? Just when I’m hungry correct?

  • Kamarul Jaman

    • I am a living proof of bad diabetic… i will says this : NO supplement nothing at all is needed…..simply food that has 5 tastes , sweet , sour, hot,salty, bitter ( all greens vege have the bitter , )

  • Will Vega

    • Are you cured? How do you know all this?

  • Kamarul Jaman

    • make it a habit to chew your food and eat…..ok say you need to eat when you are not hungry….simply just TASTE something sweet (but not refind sugar … )b4 eating

    • I travelled to India (DECCAN mountains) and i stayed with a sage who is 86 years but he looks and walks runs like a 30 years….

  • Will Vega

    • I’m only supposed to eat when I’m hungry? Or should I eat say 10am. 2pm. And 6pm. And that’s it. What do you mean refined sugar? What should I not have?

  • Kamarul Jaman

    • Eating only when you are hungry is the best choice, at certain times we need to eat, when we are not hungry. then just “taste” something sweet. like raw sugar but not refined crystalline sugar
    • my daughter is a doctor, and she is monitoring my blood, and if anyone need my health report , i will publish ,

  • Will Vega

    • Can you tell me diet ideas or does it matter. Just CHEW so all the nutrients are absorbed by the tongue because they will never be absorbed by the stomach hence the bad blood?

    • Wow

    • I appreciate all your help here that’s very kind of you

    • Are you in India?

  • Kamarul Jaman

    • yes… you are right, i call you first experience ,and get rid of this condition of diabetic , the i will give you all the details

  • Kamarul Jaman

    • now i am in Malaysia
      our stomach absorbs only carbohydrate and protein …..

  • Will Vega

    • What details?

    • Doesn’t carbohydrate raise blood sugar? Hence not eating them

    • I’m confused

  • Kamarul Jaman

    • mixing carbohydrates with saliva does not raise blood levels


  • Will Vega

    • Ok thanks keep up with me send me all details soon. Thanks my friend


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