Lot of men and women are now in a battle against obesity. Recently, more people are becoming health conscious especially after being aware that the number one killer today is heart disease due to overweight.

Obesity is a disease and therefore it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle with a fit body. Now, since it can be hard to obtain that weight loss without some help of prescription drugs, there are now several weight loss programs available in the market.

There are even ones that are just over the counter drugs. What one must learn first is the ingredients of the weight loss that he or she will be purchasing.Most of the weight loss programs  are nothing but a SCAM



TO loose LOOSE weight easily and effectively

1) wake up and drink just one glass water(not boiled water)drink or eat anything after about 30 mins

(if possible do some body stretching)

2) when you are eating just look at the food (no TV , no talking)

3) CHEW all your food completely….mix with your saliva (this is the most important factor)

4) DO not drink water 1/2 hour B4 food. when eating do not drink any water or juice or any liquids,

after eating do NOT drink any water 1/2 hour….. simple is it just follow and you can get results in 4 days.


CHEW all the food to become semisolid (mix thoroughly with saliva)

YOU need NOT diet , you may eat anything you wish but moderately.

When you chew the food completely to a semi solid state ..we can feel the fullness of our stomach thus eating very much less…

but  the absorption of the much need nutrients, carbohydrates and protein…. by the body remains high


About lifestylerejunevate

Today is your opportunity to choose success...Your chance to choose personal freedom. Your chance to choose to take control over your life.your health , wealth , culturally and socially I am 55 , with some formal education at university.That formal education is of minimal value to me , i speak, read and write three languages , Tamil, English, Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia..Now...I came across an invaluable knowledge.......which is rarely found by humanity...........and wish to share this knowledge, with anyone who may be interested...........i have solutions to many of your problems in life.........
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