A typical human red blood cell only survives about 4 months. Your body is constantly producing new blood and

releasing it into the bloodstream to do important work — the work of carrying nutrients, hormones, water, chemical

messages and even information throughout your body.

Blood is primarily made of three things: Red blood cells (oxygen  carriers), white blood cells (immune function) and

blood plasma (a liquid solution that carries everything else).

When more red blood cells are needed, your body (with its infinite healing wisdom) automatically generates new ones.

Naturally, it must create those red blood cells using the materials that are available: Materials that are

circulating in your blood at the time.

So the blood cells you make TODAY, which circulate throughout your body for the next four months, are made out of

the materials being carried in your blood right now.

So what’s in your blood right now?

Your blood is largely comprised of the things you ate, drank and ABSORBED over the last several months.



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