Create good blood…… All disease gone

We all very well know that any disease that we are experiencing is caused by the food we intake

or to say what we absorb into our blood stream. Be it hyper tension, glaucoma,Diabetic, heart disease, gastric,

kidney malfunction  and what so ever other diseases, even if  you  are obese.

So why are we seeking  “medical help” or in other word s why rely on the drugs and chemical that are prescribed by

the “medical professionals”

we have come to know that blood is the root cause of all illness and also blood itself is the remedy….

blood without all the needed Iron ,minerals and cholesterol …..  Bad blood leads to bad health

Good blood leads to Good health…

Now …..what is good blood  and how to create good blood

YOU  manufacture and distribute all your own blood. Given that your LIFE depends on your own blood,

doesn’t it make sense to manufacture the healthiest, most life-giving blood possible?

In fact, YOU CAN ….You have conscious control over the qualities of the blood you manufacture.

Because your blood is made of what you eat, drink, breathe and absorb, you can alter the composition of your blood by

consciously choosing healthier things to eat, drink, breathe and absorb.

we will discus about the ABSORPTION  in a later post….

About lifestylerejunevate

Today is your opportunity to choose success...Your chance to choose personal freedom. Your chance to choose to take control over your life.your health , wealth , culturally and socially I am 55 , with some formal education at university.That formal education is of minimal value to me , i speak, read and write three languages , Tamil, English, Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia..Now...I came across an invaluable knowledge.......which is rarely found by humanity...........and wish to share this knowledge, with anyone who may be interested...........i have solutions to many of your problems in life.........
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