Germs don’t cause diseases, your lifestyle does.


Germs don’t cause diseases, your lifestyle does.

Last night me and my friend Mansur visited a hospice where there are 15 people who were tested HIV positive ,

there were a few young man  about 20 years plus and oldest i presume to be about  60 years,

The person who runs the Hospice is another friend Mat who wants me educate the inmates on the

The “KNOW HOW” of healthy eating.

I will be explaining more about this in a later post.

  • Germs are  just part of the equation. In order for germs or virus to stay in a body,

the body must be a suitable medium for their survival.

  • They are just living organism like us. They need food and protection from predators (WBC).
  • It is very difficult for us to live in Antarctica because it is too cold and it doesn’t have much food.
  • All living organism have  their preferences of survival. For example, fish need to live in water.

Germs have  their own preferences too.

  • If our blood has plenty of food for them and our immune system is weak,
             they will love to come and live there!
There are too many toxin in our blood that serve as their food
which also cause our immune system to be weak.
  • Think! If there is no food, how do this organism survive?
  • If there are plenty of active white blood cells in your blood

(their predators), how can they survive?

They won’t even want to get near you!

Germs are  natural to us! Germs are  normal! They have natural flow. They live in places that they can live in.

And you can always find  them in places suitable for their living.

when anyone knows the “”Know how “of eating  the body’s immune system will be strong without much toxins


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Today is your opportunity to choose success...Your chance to choose personal freedom. Your chance to choose to take control over your life.your health , wealth , culturally and socially I am 55 , with some formal education at university.That formal education is of minimal value to me , i speak, read and write three languages , Tamil, English, Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia..Now...I came across an invaluable knowledge.......which is rarely found by humanity...........and wish to share this knowledge, with anyone who may be interested...........i have solutions to many of your problems in life.........
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