Cold Shower

 Take a cold shower to become healthy

Taking a cold shower in the morning is revitalizing and has therapeutic effect on our body.

Cold showers have positive effects on our bodies and mind. when we take cold showers  our body will be heating up our body , by  sending more blood into the most minute  capillaries, thus increases blood flow throughout the whole blood circulation.By this micro circulation our blood is able carry needed nutrients to the various cells and also carry away  the toxins in our body for disposal.

Those who from  who suffer from mucous membrane disorder.cold and cough and many allergic symptoms will be relieved.

How to have a cold water:

Start to shower from your legs , then slowly move upwards till your head.

Shower in cold water until your body temperature rises and you no longer feels cold, the body will balance  its temperature by sending more blood into all the arteries and into the capillaries.

The water should be about 24 degrees Celsius (74 degrees Fahrenheit)

Do not take a shower within (2) two hours after a  meal as this will hinder the digestion process..

Take food only (1/2 )half an hour after the shower.


The forgotten aspect of health…. The NAVEL

The navel was the important gateway for  the supply of nutrients and the excretion process

when we were in the womb.. that important part of the body has been forgotten…

Use your middle finger to clean and stimulate the navel when you are showering …. and see for your self the changes it brings to your health, you will feel hungry and your bowel movement will be at the optimum in disposing the toxins.


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