Suhaimi Ramly

Wagah is the only land border between India and Pakistan where people from both sides can legally cross. There are thousands of people who move between the two countries every day so the border is always packed when it is open. Even a small disturbance on one side can cause a huge bottleneck at this unfortunately tiny border.

There is a train line connecting India and Pakistan that passes through Wagah. The train starts at Amritsar in India and ends at Lahore in Pakistan. I had the experience (misfortune, more like) to take this train in 2005, and boy, waiting at the Wagah border for 20 hours is pure torture. The total travel time between Amritsar and Lahore is around 3 hours, but with the immigration checks on both sides (Attari in India and Wagah side of Pakistan) the total trip takes more than 24 hours.

I remember there were…

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