Fever Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatment

Fever Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatment

Many of us and have experienced fever in our life, haahah It is not the Saturday night fever or Justin Bieber fever.

It is about body aches, cough, nausea , running nose and we have sought various treatments,

Almost all the private clinics  income is from treating FEVER , and its the number one money earner. (simple and easy )

Actually do we really need to treat a fever?……

let’s know what is fever … …. knowing is better…. than you may seek treatment,that’s for you to decide…

when our  body temperature is higher than  37 degrees Celsius (96.7 F) we can consider that as fever,(For infants you must seek treatment)

but  if it exceeds 38 degrees Celsius  (100.4 F) should seek immediate medical treatment.

most seek treatment such as  paracetamol, and variety of other drugs, produced by the pharmaceutical industry , and it is one of the most lucrative market.

Fever is the body’s immune mechanism at work.

The body’s defense mechanisms (immune system)works  more efficiently at a higher temperature.

Germs , virus, pathogens will not be able to survive the higher temperature of the body.

When we allow our body’s own defense mechanism to seek and destroy its illness causing  enemies.

Sweat gland inducing medications , ( there are hundreds of Brands produced and marketed by the pharmaceutical industry….. ) Do you feel that you really need to take those drugs ?

Even  antibiotic are used to treat…  viral fevers …. Antibiotics will destroy bacteria but not on viruses

Antibiotics wont be necessary, It should be used as the last resort not the preferred choice.

We must allow the body’s temperature to be above normal, for the body’s defense mechanisms to carry out its mission of safeguarding it self. but when we take the paracetamol , we our self  become a hindrance to our defense mechanism .

The body will shut down our digestive process , we will not have any appetite for food , do not eat , unless you are hungry..

Resting and Drinking water is the


Did Justin Bieber had fever?


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  2. Lizzette Yon says:

    I generally learn something once i cease by here, Eric. Many thanks!

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  4. arokiyaraj s says:

    All fever details

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