The best health INSURANCE

After viewing this information.You might have to change your lifestyle or think differently

The conventional medical community provides the best treatment in the accident and emergency cases,No other school of medicine comes any closer.with the discovery of x rays, the diagnostic process was made simple and accurate.and also for the past hundred years they have made strides in controlling the spread of infectious diseases like smallpox, typhoid, diphtheria, yellow fever ,etc.

 An infectious disease is caused by  pathogen, (virus, bacteria, fungi, or parasite ) enters into a person’s body Because of a weakened or unprepared immune system.

These were deadly diseases,we can say it was a death sentence to those who were infected.With the discovery of penicillin (antibiotics), millions of lives were saved.

Sanitation, clean drinking water, and better nutrition.played a major part in the eradication. the above is the good news

The bad news is : The same medical community believes that there are many diseases that are incurable and the term they use is AUTOIMMUNE diseases….

Let now see what are those autoimmune diseases (the complete list )

1 )Heart Attack                                                                 

2 ) Diabetic

3) High blood pressure

4) asthma

5) Thyroid disorder


7) Acquired immune deficiency syndrome( AIDS )

According to the conventional medicine these diseases are incurable but only can be CONTROLLED by taking drugs for your whole life….. till death happens..

When these professional  say that they don’t have any cure,but can only be controlled

Do you have any other choice ?…. You are sentenced to life … your life seems to be dependent on the drugs prescribed.

Now let say you have a heart attack ….( you have to see a doctor )A heart attack happens when blood flow to some parts of your heart is blocked for a long enough time that part of the heart muscle is damaged or dies. The medical term for this is myocardial infarction.

1)what caused that heart attack :The blood vessels that supplied blood to your heart was       blocked by the narrowing of that blood vessel

2)How did the narrowing of the blood vessel happened ? Because the blood had      deposited  plaque and other cells in the blood vessel.

3)How did the blood deposited plaque and other cells ?  The plague were deposited or absorbed  from the intestines into the bloodstream.

4)How did the intestines supply those plaque to the blood ? It is by the digestion (or rather indigestion) of the food we consume.

The lifestyle and food habits of most of the people is fast foods which contains a lot poly saturated fats on top of it we are supplied Coke or Pepsi which contains enormous amount of refined sugar (poison) plus it is carbonated , carbon dioxide is the gas which is excreted when when we exhale… but here it is the intake.

Coming back to the diseases .. Now can  you know  those diseases are caused by METABOLISM DISORDERS

So now these metabolism disorders can be made to be orderly by eating rightly, This is the best health Insurance you can invest.

The “KNOW HOW” of healthy Eating

Do not drink water(or any liquids) 30 minutes before taking food….

You must see the food you are eating. some just eat looking at the idiot box (TV) because your eyes send signals to the brain, about the food and the brain orders the secretions of digestive enzymes

CHEW , chew . every bit of your food COMPLETELY… make the food you eat into a semi solid…

the stomach must not know what you are eating do not swallow any food …. keep it a secret …..hahahahha  (lol)

You must not drink water when you are eating because water will  dilute the Hydrochloric  acid that will be secreted to digest, You may feel uneasy about this, don’t worry you wont choke yourself just do it because the saliva contains about 99.5% water.

Saliva must be mixed thoroughly with the food …..  (this is done by chewing)

Again wait another 30 minutes before you drink….  you will realize that saliva is still oozing from your mouth ,     

take in the Saliva….

Now the question is “how much to eat?”

almost all the children know how much to eat…when they are full they will refuse anymore more food. when we grow older we tend to have forgotten to read the messages from the body…. when you start eating as what is written above…. as you are eating … You will blurp , that is the signal  that say now it it is

the yellow lights… ready to stop … continue till you blurp the 2nd time….. it is RED…. stop eating …..the body …

says “It is enough”

Can we call this preventive medication …. not only does this method prevent diseases but also cures by regeneration of damaged cells ,




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