Colours of Our World -The Visual Brain

The Visual Brain- Coloring Our World

Our brains are long known to be complex organs, but we tend to take for granted that we have the unique ability to see our world and our lives in many beautiful shades of color.

In this infographic below, we will delve into the science behind how and why our brains associate color with our world. We also discuss the known as condition color blindness, the many various versions of it and how this occurs in some people.

Read on and you will find out your perception of the world may not actually be reality.


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Today is your opportunity to choose success...Your chance to choose personal freedom. Your chance to choose to take control over your life.your health , wealth , culturally and socially I am 55 , with some formal education at university.That formal education is of minimal value to me , i speak, read and write three languages , Tamil, English, Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia..Now...I came across an invaluable knowledge.......which is rarely found by humanity...........and wish to share this knowledge, with anyone who may be interested...........i have solutions to many of your problems in life.........
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One Response to Colours of Our World -The Visual Brain

  1. mrprose says:

    WOW, what an informative picture/image thing. Crazy big!

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