Costly Attack Occurs In Afghanistan

Costly Attack Occurs In Afghanistan.

High time the U S and its allies get out of Afghanistan … have they not learned a thing from the Russians….

Two marines were lost in a Taliban raid of Camp Bastian on Septemeber 15, 2012. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of all the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in the “War On Terror”. A human life cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but we must also keep in mind the other costs of war. Here is a brief summary of the events that took place only a couple days ago:

Two Marines were killed, nine coalition personnel were wounded and six jets costing between $23 million and $30 million were completely destroyed.

The approximately 15 insurgents, dressed in US Army uniforms, had penetrated the base Friday night and instantly began shooting and setting fire to parked Navy-AV-8B Harrier jets when they were inside. Three refueling stations were severely damaged during the attack.

“It was a running gun battle for a while, two and a half hours, nonetheless they were able to get to the aircraft before we could intercept them,” a military official told the New York Times. Using machine guns, rocket propelled grenades and possibly mortars, most of the aircrafts were demolished.

Camp Bastion is one of the largest and best-defended posts in Afghanistan, making it troubling that the attackers were able to inflict so much damage.

This is the sad result of our ineffective foreign policy. It has been almost 11 years since we formally invaded Afghanistan, and we are still unable to declare the most basic of victories. We can’t even secure one of our “largest and best defended” bases from terrorist attacks. At a cost $200 million, this attack has brought the total cost of the “War on Terror” to over $1.3 trillion since 2001 according to, maintained by the National Priorities Project.

It is not logical to think that we can create a working democratic government in Afghanistan. Our attempt to govern Afghanistan is even more outrageous than the British trying to govern the United States over 225 years ago. A nation’s government will only be functional and just if it’s power is derived “from the consent of the governed”. The idea that we are spreading democracy to these countries is not accurate. History has proved over and over again that democracy can only be earned when the people no longer accept a tyrannical government as legitimate.

This is not the fault of the personnel on base. Our troops on the ground in Afghanistan are overworked and doing the best they can. The problem lies in the ideology behind the war itself. In a related story, six NATO troops were also killed by rogue members of the Afghan military and the Afghan police. Foreign Policy reports:

 Six NATO troops were killed this weekend in two “insider attacks” by Afghan security forces; an Afghan policeman killed two British soldiers as they returned to base from patrol on Saturday in Helmand Province, and another Afghan police officer turned his gun on NATO service members at a checkpoint in Zabul Province, killing four U.S. soldiers (APCNNReutersLATAPPost). And on Monday, an Afghan soldier opened fire on a car he believed NATO soldiers were driving inside of a joint NATO-Afghan camp in Helmand Province, wounding a foreign civilian worker (AP).


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