The Greatest Speech Ever Made

The Greatest Speech Ever Made – Charlie Chaplin


 i’m sorry
 i don’t want to be a
 that’s not my business
 adored will conquer anyone
should like to help everyone possum
chu gentile
 mcmahon white
 we all want to help one another human beings out like that
 want to live by each other’s happen is not part of this misery
we don’t do hate to despise one another
and slow this room for every one of the good at this rich
and provide for everyone
the way of life to be free of beautiful
you have lost the way
greed has placed invincible
hispanic kid to conclude with hate
excuse to pass into history and for that shit
we have developed speed processes
machinery that its abundance has yet to see one
knowledge has made a cynical
eleven s ob gyn
too much
more than this year
more than cleverness
any kind of subject
without the support of his life would be if i haven’t
all who knows
the airplane and the radio have brought us closer together
but in each of these inventions cries out for the goodness of man
cries out for universal brotherhood
polluted the soul
even now my voice is reaching millions of
millions of despair in men women and children
victims of the system that makes men torture
and imprisonment
gruesome here we are safe
do not despair
presented it is now upon us as the passing the green
it is certainly a m
here the wave of human progress
aged men with pots and dictators die
and the politics of from the people
will return to the people the soloist and died
liberty will never be
don’t give us a list of books
men who despite a restraining order residential lives general budget deal
but i think about the failures pumps we’ll drive to treated like cattle
useless canon unknown giving us a list of these on next how many
machine and you see my since she knocks
the or not but she is in the one hundred and nine million
you have that opportunity in your house
little sister already ended up to date ended up in the end of this error
sources and the s_a_-three right but in the seventies
separates the villages remain in the kingdom of god is with a man who loves
group of men but your manual
dot development of our but there are two previous she’s but not to create his
delivery man about to make this site preamble to vote for me because i don’t
mind if i might mention
then in the name of democracy it’s better soon
thank god
sa delights
there despite but anyway
these things work because it meant a chance to work but when you knew the
museum middle aged security by the promise of these days
groups have prisons of our but they lied they do not fulfill its promise
pinocchio dictators free themselves
but there’s something that people
now i just bite to fulfill that promise
freelotto the doorway with national boundaries
jointly greedy but hate and intolerance
i go to prison
well western some progress
believes lowlands happiness
scientists minimizing nassau delight

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