Overweight… loose 6kg in 30 days

Overweight… loose 6kg in 30 days

Posted on 29/08/2012

Overweight and obesity are primarily driven by over-availability of food and an increasing sedentary lifestyle.

Anyone who has a Body Mass Index (BMI) (weight divided by height squared) between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight and between 30.0-34.9 is considered obese.

Even more worrying is the fact that this group is at high risk of contracting serious disorders like diabetes, hypertension and high blood cholesterol, liver,gallbladder diseases, Gynecological problems in females.

We ask these  people to exercise more and cut down on food, are they going to do it ….. nah…nah, no way that very hard and next to impossible.

Slimming centers are mushrooming , plus there are many programs (scams) offering to make you slim .. plus there are hundreds of supplements promising to make you slim a few kilo within a fortnight and it  cost you  few thousand dollars.

As i know they are only there to  slim you of your hard earned cash…. you may loose some weight from the program,but it is only water that is in your you are loosing…… not the fatty tissues.

There are also some drugs that they claim to make you loose weight , which acts on your appetite to eat.. you may loose some weight , but surely your health is at high risk… a few years back an actress in Singapore died by taking those drugs.

so now how to loose weight with any side effects?

Now the secret to ….

Sure ,Simple , Easy and Permanent method to loose weight for FREE….

Do you think i am going to say : eat less and exercise more… everyone knows that… you know this and you need no one to tell you….

Nothing will work if you don’t have the WILL to loose weight so that you will be  healthy.

Here is the secret :

First  thing in the morning when  you wake up drink one glass of water, nothing else.

Do some walking or some body stretching, around your house for 45 minutes… that’s the least … the more vigorously the better. now your body needs energy to do that walking or exercise, your stomach is empty at this time…. where will the body get its energy from?  simple it will get energy from stored fats …. so you will be loosing some minute amount of fats which  is burned off….

Breakfast and meals

CHEW , note this , CHEW  again CHEW, till the food mixes thoroughly with the food in your mouth, to a semi solid then make in go into your stomach…… SALIVA will be secreted …. saliva is 99.5% water but the other 0.5% contains varied  and myriad enzymes.Do not drink water or liquids during eating.

when you chew your food , you eat very much less but you will feel a full stomach fast that satisfies your hunger. when you chew you get all the needed vitamins, minerals and glucose for your body’s energy need. (this is the most important factor)

Drink water1/2 hour after the meal.

Then you will ask what to eat and what to avoid….

That is the best part and you will love the answer…

Eat whatever you wish and like to eat….. (unbelievable) yes  but moderately.

your taste buds must make you feel good. eat whatever tastes good , it is the body’s language of saying that the body needs that food which has the nutrients needed for its health

how much to eat? there is no diet… listen to your body’s language

As you are eating by the above method , you will burp . that first burp is the yellow light to be ready to stop. but continue to eat… when a second (2nd) BURP come it is the RED …STOP eating (this is the body’s signal saying “ENOUGH”
Our body talks to us …. we have forgotten to listen ….



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